Tractor Mounted Equipment


This is designed as a tractor attachment able to spread salt, fine gravel or a mixture onto the road. The TRP is powered by hydraulic motors driven by the tractor hydraulics.

The unique self loading system enable rapid and easy loading of material.

Control is provided by either a basic panel or the highest specification EPOS 5 option which offers many more reporting and tracking options. The spreading pattern can be varied from symmetric to asymmetric.

Two options are available, 1,000 litre and 1,500 litre capacity.



This is a steel multi segment plough very similar to the MOSOR PK (see snow plough page) but designed to fit on the front 3 point hitch of an agricultural tractor. The TRAC plough is available from 2.4m to 3.2m in length.


Highly efficient snow removal

  • Multi segment snow ploughs adapt better to uneven roads, cleaning snow more efficiently
  • Only one wing jumps over obstacles – other wings continue cleaning, compared to single segment ploughs where the entire wing jumps and does not clean that part of the road
  • Snow plough can jump over higher obstacles

Durability of snow plough for longer period

  • Obstacles do not damage snow plough or vehicle enabling a longer life

TRAC snow ploughs can be supplied with a choice of rubber, polyurethane, steel or ceramic blades.

trac snow ploughs

VERTUS T variable geometry V - Plough:

As with the TRAC plough, this is the tractor specific version of the VERTUS Plough.


Rasco Snow Ploughs: a Cut Above the Rest

Ploughing snow requires some serious equipment: the wear and tear of anything being driven through the snow, coming into contact with highly abrasive particles, is significant and requires a high level of durability and toughness.

Pelican Engineering understand the need for quality in industrial equipment, and are the sole importers of RASCO equipment in the UK. Providing a full fitting service for snow plough and other RASCO equipment as well as ancillary kit, they’re here to run us through why RASCO snow ploughs should be your first choice for both quality and value.


RASCO offer a wide variety of snow ploughs for a range of situations, from variable geometry snow ploughs for small tractors and implement carriers, all the way through to the Velebit, RASCO’s largest plough, which is designed to clear large swathes of ground with ease.


RASCO hold quality foremost in mind at all times, implementing a careful and thorough quality management process to ensure that every single snow plough they provide can perform its job flawlessly. They invest significant resources into responding to customer demand and feedback, and arevalways committed to continuous improvement of their products and services for maximum customer satisfaction.


RASCO’s marketing and distribution network covers most of Europe, providing technologically advanced and quality built road maintenance solutions. With operators in 25 countries, Pelican Engineering’s supply of RASCO snow ploughs are just one element of their illustrious success.

Durability and efficacy

RASCO snow ploughs are always created from incredibly strong steel, meaning that they can easily clear roads of even compacted snow in any conditions, are less prone to damage through the process of storage and handling, and are capable of up to a staggering 20 years of life before needing to be replaced.

For the full range of high quality, superbly crafted RASCO snow ploughs, contact Pelican Engineering today.



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