Snow Ploughs

RASCO snow ploughs are designed to ensure that roads remain clear and passable even in the harshest of winter conditions. With advanced electronic controls and highly developed hydraulics enabling superb control in any direction, RASCO snow ploughs adjust perfectly to the road surface, easily handling road bumps and obstacles whilst being easy and intuitive to operate.

RASCO only build steel snow ploughs and have over 20 years experience doing so. The advantages of a steel snow plough compared with a plastic snow plough are:

  • Clears roads in any conditions and at any temperature
  • Easily removes compacted, hardened snow as the heavier plough weight more easily stays in contact with the road surface
  • Stronger and more durable in use
  • Greater rigidity allows easy clearing of deep drifted snow
  • Less prone to storage and handling damage
  • Capable of up to 20 years life


The MOSOR PK offers a range of steel multi segment ploughs from 2.7m to 5.0m with independent sections & blades for better adjustment to the surface being cleaned. They have a unique obstacle traversal mechanism, making them an excellent choice for snow ploughing on uneven roads full of obstructions. Multi segment design ensures no greater damage to road obstacles than a plastic plough would incur.



Highly efficient snow removal

  • Multi segment snow ploughs adapt better to uneven roads, cleaning snow more efficiently
  • Only one wing jumps over obstacles – other wings continue cleaning, compared to single segment ploughs where the entire wing jumps and does not clean that part of the road
  • Snow plough can jump over higher obstacles

High-speed ploughing & safety enabled

  • Easy obstacle traversal at higher speeds (> 30 mph) without danger to operator or vehicle

Durability of snow plough for longer period

  • Obstacles do not damage snow plough or vehicle enabling a longer life

MOSOR ploughs can be supplied with a choice of rubber, polyurethane or ceramic blades.

Plough drive can be from either the truck hydraulics or a separately mounted electro hydraulic pack

Currently RASCO have over one thousand MOSOR Snow Ploughs in operation across Europe.

In the UK the plough is used by BEAR Scotland, Tayside Contracts, East Riding of Yorkshire CC, Lincoln Council, Leeds Bradford International Airport and other local authorities and national contractors.


The MOSOR light is a smaller scale lighter version of the MOSOR PK. It is a multi segment steel plough so retains all the benefits associated with the larger MOSOR PK

VERTUS Variable Geometry V-Plough

VERTUS snow ploughs are used for snow clearing on roads, car parks and city centres where narrow streets show the full benefits of variable geometry.

RASCO have developed a VERTUS plough for use on either a truck or a tractor.

DIN Plates and Plough Drives

Front truck plates according to EN 15432 F1 (old Norm DIN 76060, type "A") are available for all makes of truck.

RASCO ploughs come with a selection of hydraulic drives and easy-to-use and robust EDH control units.

Plough can be driven by either the vehicle's live PTO, a separate electro hydraulic pack or an auxiliary diesel engine hydraulic pack. A snow plough weight relief function available as an option.


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