Salt Spreaders


The SOLID T is designed to be mounted on trucks either permanently or with a demountable frame. The spreader is ideal for winter maintenance of motorways and regional roads and is availabe in all sizes from 3cu.m through to 12cu.m. Built to the highest standards using components from the best manufacturers in Europe, the SOLID T is suitable for all types of spreading material and can be installed on any type of truck. Its key benefits are:

  • Reinforced rubber conveyor belt as salt transporting element
  • Integrated clapper and crushing mechanism for smooth material flow.
  • Belt cleaning mechanism eliminates problems by preventing material flow under the belt
  • Quality of design, welding and finishing
  • Superior corrosion protection with Sigma coatings
  • The most sensitive parts are made of stainless steel
  • Advanced technology: GPS data, GPRS data transfer & storage, sensing for measurements such as road temperature and fuel consumption
  • Driver friendly allowing the driver to stay focused on driving


PRE WETTING SYSTEMS can be installed on any RASCO spreader. This enables significant savings in salt by reducing the amount of salt needed to de-ice the road and increasing salt adhesion to the road. The system achieves a high level of accuracy thanks to an integrated sensor for speed reporting.

The EXIT SHUTE & SPINNER are made of stainless steel with a plastic spinner cover & LED work light. The exit chute is extra wide to stop material sticking in the chute and allow fast off loading. Automatic adjustment enables change of spreading pattern from 2m to 12m wide

The hydraulic brine pump has run dry protection to ensure it is not damaged when brine tank is empty and baffles in tanks reduce brine movement during braking and driving. The filling system has very high flow capacity due to large diameter tank filling points and hoses

SURFACE PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY - RASCO spreaders incorporate a unique Surface Armour Premium system designed with Sigma Kalon, a division of PPG Protective Coatings, a global leader in surface protection. This unique, multilayer protective coatings system provides an unparalleled anti-corrosive, anti-abrasive active and passive barrier even in the harshest conditions. Designed for offshore oil platforms, the system features advanced epoxy, zinc and polyurethane coatings in three distinct layers, each over-coated two times.

Sigma PPG

spreadersSAFETY- A three points of contact hinged access ladder and platform at the rear of the spreader enables easy access to the spreader top and hopper protective mesh for cleaning and inspection whilst ensuring the highest possible operator safety. There is the option of similar front platform.


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