Liquid Salt Spreaders

The LIQUID spreader is used to spray a solution of calcium chloride or natrium chloride onto frozen roads, paths and other surfaces. Along with applications in winter road maintenance, the LIQUID spreader can also be used in the summer season as a road washing device.


Basic features and advantages

The main advantage of using a chloride solution is lower total salt consumption.

Research has shown that liquid spraying (chloride solution) is more eicient than wet spreading (70% dry agent + 30% wet agent) for preventive spreading, i.e. preventing icing formation on roads. Liquid spreading achieves a higher residual salinity on road surfaces, which increases road safety.

Using the LIQUID spreader lowers operative costs, reduces harm to the environment, and helps to increase the lifespan of transport infrastructure. Proven reductions in salt consumption reduce operative costs while achieving equal eiciency in preventing icing and defrosting roads. Lower total salt consumption mitigates adverse effects of chlorides on the environment near the road and reduces road infrastructure decay due to salt corrosion.

But LIQUID is not just a salt spreader. In addition to its primary function, LIQUID is an unique multi-purpose spreader which can be used to wash roads during the summer period, when most spreaders remain unused. With a hand-held high pressure jet cleaner built in, the LIQUID can be used to defrost traic signs during the winter or to clean them during the summer. This device's multiple applications increase its investment value and enable year-round use.

Brine Mixing Station

The MMS brine mixing station is designed for the preparation of CaCl2 or NaCl pre-wetting solution to be used in the Liquid Spreader.


It is made of special plastic which provides permanent resistance to corrosion and is available with tank capacities from 6000 to 30,000 liters.



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