Control Units

EPOS is RASCO’s highly advanced, yet easy to use family of spreader control units designed with the spreader operator in mind.

Their intuitive, ergonomic design enables the operator to focus on driving rather than searching for control buttons and switches. Designed for “no eyes” operation, EPOS control units feature sound alarms and voice prompts for the easiest, safest possible spreading control.


epos1This basic control unit is not connected to the vehicle tachograph. Control of spreading width and dosage is done using two potentiometers on the control unit.

There are buttons for activating/deactivating the spreader as well as buttons for work light and rotating beacon.

This is ideal for tractor use and is able to operate the hydraulic circuit of the TRP spreader's self-loading system.


epos2This unit is connected to the vehicle tachograph allowing speed-dependent spreading.

It can adjust to two types of materials; salt and sand and can be used with pre wetting spreaders.

A two-line LCD text display shows all spreading settings and it has the ability to record and display approximate total consumption of material used.



epos5This unit uses the CAN-BUS open communication system according to CEN TC 337/ WG3 EN15430-1 to achieve a high level of accuracy. It can be programmed to work with any known dry and wet spreading material and is equipped with RS232 serial output that can be used to send all spreading data online from the road to the database via the vehicles GSM/GPRS mobile unit. As an alternative, a RS232 cable can be used to transfer data to a laptop computer.



epos10EPOS 10 is equipped with an RS 232 serial interface used for GPS - GPRS module connection for the purpose of monitoring and transferring data from the control unit to the base.

The control unit is able to create and archive many different reports on all aspects of the spreader operation that can be seen on the unit’s LCD screen, monitored online or transferred to a PC in the user's base. Program information is transferred to and from the unit via a standard, widely available USB stick removing the need for operators to purchase expensive non standard memory cards.

It can identify the user or driver via a contactless reader, with the possibility of registering several operators to a single spreader.


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