• RASCO snow ploughs, snow gritters and salt spreaders have been proven in some of the harshest conditions of central Europe and are now used and supported in 27 European countries including Germany, Austria, Italy and the Czech Republic.
  • RASCO equipment offers operators a highly cost effective range without any compromise on quality.
  • RASCO equipment is manufactured to order, tailored to meet your exact requirements and can be supplied on either a sale or rental basis.

Rasco Snowplough

Rasco Snow Ploughs & Snow Gritters

Since Pelican was established in 1919, we have always aimed to offer the best equipment and service. We listen to what you want and continually evolve and grow our product range and services to meet your needs.

In 2011 Pelican was appointed as sole importer and distributor of RASCO equipment in the UK. In addition to RASCO we also represent truck manufacturers DAF, MAN and Hino, and engine manufacturers Kubota and Deutz. Not only do we provide a full fitting service for RASCO equipment, we are able to fit any ancillary truck or tractor equipment required such as DIN plates, raised lights and beacons, hydraulic and electrical connections and control units.

Snow Ploughs

Pelican’s reputation for customer care is widely know and proven over a very long period of time. Operating from purpose built facilities located south of Leeds, both our service and parts departments are open 7 days per week, 362 days per year. We carry an extensive stock of RASCO parts and offer same day parts delivery throughout the north of England directly from our Castleford base and for orders placed before 17:00, we will deliver before 08:00 the following morning nationwide. RASCO trained technicians are available on all shifts to provide 24/7 product support. Further afield we have a network of approved dealers and service engineers who will support RASCO equipment in operation.

Snow Gritters

Our sales department, backed by our factory colleagues, is able to advise customers on the equipment most suited to their operations. We have fully operational 6cu.m and 9cu.m truck mounted demonstrators available. Snow ploughs, snow gritters, tractor equipment and towed spreaders can usually be supplied from our UK stock.

Choosing the Right Snow Gritter for your Needs

When choosing a snow gritter, there are many factors to take into consideration: the nature of the area to be treated, your budget, your facilities, and the amount of use your gritter will be getting, to name but a few.

Pelican Engineering are suppliers of RASCO snow gritters, leading the way in European winter road maintenance by providing durable, innovative and reliable equipment. They’re here to help you choose the salt spreader that suits your needs.

Truck towed spreader

These snow gritters fix securely to the back of a large truck and are designed to carry up to 2,000 kilograms of spreading substrate. Spreading grit in a band 2.2 metres wide, they’re perfect snow gritters for covering large yards or local roads. They’re based on a simple design that means they’re simple to operate, and that maintenance costs and the chance of complications are low, leading to a reliable and extensive life span.

Mini towed spreader

Carrying 800kg of spreading material, these smaller capacity snow gritters are ideal for haulage yards, pedestrian areas, retail parks, car parks, and warehouses, laying down a band of substrate 800mm wide.

Solid T belt conveyor salt spreader

Designed for regional road and motorways, these snow gritters feature a rubber conveyor belt that transports the salt to the exit point, and are available in sizes from 3 to 12cu.m.

Manufactured from the most durable and superior quality components available in Europe, the Solid T has integrated advanced technology that senses for measurements like fuel consumption and road temperature, helping to regulate the flow and let the driver focus on the road.

Liquid salt spreaders

An innovative alternative to traditional snow gritters, these spreaders spray a solution of either natrium chloride or calcium chloride onto roads. More efficient in preventing snow from settling on roads, liquid salt spreaders use less salt, making them cost efficient and environmentally friendly.

For sales, parts supply, repair, and fitting of premium snow gritters from a workshop open 7 days a week, 362 days a year, contact Pelican Engineering today for more information.

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