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Kubota Engine Parts and Engines

Whatever your application, Kubota has the engine you need.

Kubota Engine PartsIn oil cooled diesel engines, water cooled diesel and petrol engines, Kubota leads with quality, innovation and a proven product range that covers all sections of the OEM and replacement engine market.

Pelican Engineering carries a wide range of new Kubota engine parts amd engines, ex-stock and an extensive parts holding to support Kubota engines in the field. We offer a full engine repair and reconditioning service using our own Kubota trained dedicated technicians. We undertake engine work both within our own premises and out on customer sites. With direct links to Kubota's Head Office, we understand both the Kubota product and its application and are able to advise on the right engine for any specific application.

Kubota is constantly improving and expanding its engine range to meet specific demands by customers. The range of engines we can supply is extensive enough to cover almost every requirement within the industrial, agricultural, construction or marine sectors.

The Current Kubota  Engine Range

Kubota Engine PartsSuper Mini Series
Two and three cylinder engines from 0.48 litre to 0.75 litre. Dual fuel version is available as is a full OEM range of options.

Kubota Engine Parts05 Series
Three and four cylinder water cooled engines from 0.9 litres to 1.5 litres. Ideal for plant operation with one side maintenance design and variable for positions.

Kubota Engine Parts03 Series
Wide range of water cooled engines from 1.4 litres to 2.2 litres.

In addition to these engine ranges, Kubota also offers a full range of dual fuel engines, engines specifically designed for generators and a horizontal diesel engine where space is critical.
Full details of all current Kubota engines can be found on the official Kubota website.

Kubotas Corporate Social Responsibility

Being a producer of CO 2 emitting machines that contribute to the degradation of the environment gives vehicle manufacturers extra responsibility to hold their policies and products accountable to the tenets of social and environmental protection.

Kubota rises to this challenge, with every aspect of design and delivery of Kubota engine parts created to achieve a balance between protecting the environment, and giving the owner the best performance possible.

Pelican Engineering are suppliers of Kubota engine parts, undertaking repair and reconditioning using trained and dedicated technicians and genuine Kubota engine parts.

They’re to run us through how Kubota are doing their bit to protect the environment and give back to the community.

Reduction of CO 2 emissions

Kubota has an extensive medium term environmental conservation plan, part of which is to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide produced from their business sites. They have managed to reduce the emission of this environmentally harmful gas by 26% in 2016, and have also achieved a 24%mreduction in the amount of energy they have expended in running their sites.

‘Eco First’

In 2010, Kubota made the ‘Eco-First Commitment’ to the Japanese Environment Minister, pledging to implement anti climate change measures as a priority, develop environmentally friendly products including Kubota engine parts, and to promote environmentally friendly practices and activities.


Recognising the problems with a mass production, mass consumption, and mass disposal framework for society, the Kubota Group works hard to reduce the amount of waste they produce, recycling where possible and using precious water sources carefully and respectfully.

Their waste discharge per unit of production dropped by over 30% in 2015, and their recycling ratio improved by a staggering 89%: evidence of their commitment to this cause.

For fast and reliable supply of genuine Kubota engine parts to cover almost every requirement of the industrial, agricultural, construction, or marine sectors, contact Pelican Engineering today.


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