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We offer full Deutz parts and service back up for operators of DEUTZ engines throughout the north of England.

DEUTZ partsDEUTZ manufactures a range of diesel engines from 4kW to 4000kW. DEUTZ is the market leader for air cooled industrial engines.

The DEUTZ range of engines covers all market sectors including Mobile Machinery, Agricultural Machinery, Gen Sets, Automotive and Marine.

Full details and specifications on the current range of DEUTZ engines can be found on the official DEUTZ website.


We are able to rebuild or repair your DEUTZ engine either in situ or in our own workshop in Leeds. Collection and delivery of plant can be arranged by ourselves from anywhere in the UK.

Whilst all DEUTZ engines are designed for a lifetime of service, this will only happen if the engine is properly serviced and maintained.

DEUTZ partsParts

We specialise in the supply of genuine DEUTZ parts for all DEUTZ air cooled and water cooled engines.

Most regular parts are supplied from stock and orders received by 2pm can be dispatched to any part of the UK overnight, however a large number of parts are available for same day collection. Parts that we do not directly stock can usually be obtained from DEUTZ within 24 hours.

We supply genuine DEUTZ parts at highly competitive prices which means operators do not have to compromise the performance and reliability of their DEUTZ engine by fitting non-genuine replacement parts.

Our parts identification system is linked directly to DEUTZ. When ordering parts, please have available your Engine Type and Engine Serial Number (Motor Number).

What Makes Deutz Different?

Deutz’ vision is to ‘offer the most successful engine systems in the world’; a tall order given the amount of competition they face in their mission. Founded in 1864, Deutz was the first engine manufacturer in the world, and they’ve been producing high quality Deutz parts for a range of applications ever since.

Pelican Engineering offer full parts and service back up for operators of Deutz engines throughout the north of England, rebuilding or repairing engines with genuine Deutz parts in situ or in their state of the art workshop in Yorkshire.

They’re here to run though the qualities of Deutz parts and engines that make them stand out from the crowd.

Their vision

Deutz aim to be leaders in innovation and quality in the engine industry, their designs pushing the frontiers of technology while retaining customer value and quality as essential tenets of their work. They want innovation to stay foremost in their efforts, constantly developing and perfecting what they offer.

Their service

Not only producing Deutz parts and engines, they want to offer complete systems and comprehensive services that cover all the bases when it comes to implementing the design and supply of their technology.

Their quality

Always the hallmark of Deutz parts design and manufacture, quality for this company means getting something right first time, instead of using their clientele as a base for experimenting with trial and error. Their ‘Total Quality Management’ plan covers every aspect of their offerings, including their services and process as well as Deutz parts.

Their sense of responsibility

Deutz believe in the power of accountability: they take responsibility for their choices, transactions, products and services, towards their customers, their investors, the communities they work in, and the natural environment.

To take advantage of these qualities in the form of high-quality, superbly designed Deutz parts fitted in situ or in their own workshop in Yorkshire, contact Pelican Engineering today.

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